Utopia Needs You


Utopia Needs You is a campaign inspired by the network company Orange D4D challenge, which use big data for a big future. We embraced our identity as a designer rather than an urban planning expert; we interpret the data through a creative way.
Thus, we realized that this process could be promoted into a new urban planning system, that practical in the real world. The campaign uses data as a not just as evidence but inspirations, involving stages of creative practice among different scale, to minimized stereotypes to generate more hidden opportunities.

The campaign challenges the traditional urban planning system, adapting the idea of big data generate a big future. Changing from problem-solving based to a dynamic interactive based system. Each participant can use their own knowledge or imagination to create their own utopia, which will eventually transfer back to the targeted area as inspiration material.

We used Senegal regional development as our first case study under the campaign’s guidelines and results from D4D challenge as the database . The aim of the project is introducing a new and possible urban planning system to the government or development NGOs. We wanted to bring hopes to any urban development, and the idea that everyone has the effort to make a change, and we are capable of doing much more than we think.

Utopia Designer Guide 01
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Senegal Case Study Booklet Cover
Senegal Case Study Booklet 01
Senegal Case Study Booklet 02
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Senegal Development Proposal 01
Senegal Development Proposal 01
Senegal Development Proposal 01
Senegal Development Proposal 01